Safety Shopping List

Smoke Detectors:
[ ] outside each bedroom within 10 feet of door
[ ] inside bedrooms within 6 feet of door
[ ] base of each stairs
[ ] one for each 1200 sq. ft.
[ ] photoelectric type if within 20 feet of kitchen or bath (not ionization)
[ ] recommend replacement of all detectors older than 10 years -
NOTE: date code on back of detector
[ ] wired detectors should be interconnected and have battery backup
Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
[ ] outside each bedroom within 10 feet of door
[ ] each level except crawl space or attic
[ ] acceptable - battery, plug in w/battery backup, wired in w/battery
backup, low voltage (alarm system detector)
[ ] combination smoke/CO detectors must have voice distinction announcing
alerts for smoke or CO
[ ] combination smoke/CO detectors must meet photoelectric requirement
Fire Extinguisher:
[ ] ABC type “multipurpose extinguisher”
[ ] Mounted by kitchen or garage exit door (not too close to stove)
Property Numbers:
[ ] Of sufficient size to be seen from street
[ ] Contrasting color to background
For comments or questions call Lt. James
Armstrong or Lt. John Sawyer @ (508)398-2212
Please print and take this list to your hardware store.