Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Yarmouth Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services to the community at the Advanced Life Support (ALS) Level. Being ALS means that we can respond to all types of medical emergencies -everything from cardiac problems to trama incidents - and provide patients with the highest level of care possible outside the hospital.

We have 4 licensed ALS Ambulances and 2 licensed ALS Fire Engines. Ambulances are operated out of 3 Fire Stations; located in West Yarmouth, South Yarmouth and Yarmouth Port.
The Yarmouth Firefighters Relief Association has always provided some assistance for Training and Equipment through fundraising endeavors. They have assisted in the purchase of a new rescue device, Rescue Struts. These Rescue Struts are used to stabilize a vehicle that has rolled over in a motor vehicle collision. The struts stabilize the vehicle so that EMTs can remove an Injured occupant, safely.
Most recently the Association has provided the department with a new medical device, Masimo RAD 57, Carbon Monoxide Device. This medical device allows us to measure the amount of Carbon Monoxide in the bloodstream of someone potentially exposed to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
We received a generous donation for the YFD AED Training from the Dennis Chamber of Commerce. Those funds will be used to enhance CPR/AED Training to the community.