Lock Box Program


  • Immediate access in an emergency
  • Fire Department only access
  • Secure, safe key location


Once on scene at the site of an emergency, the department often needs access in order to provide assistance. We may need get in someone's house to help them with a medical emergency where they can't answer the door or check on a fire alarm at a commercial building. While we always try to find a non-destructive way to gain access, we are sometimes forced to forcibly enter a building/area which may result in potential damage.

To help avoid damage to property while entering to provide emergency services, we offer a town-wide lockbox program. This program is available to private residences and businesses. The lockbox is a small metal "safe" that is attached conspicuously outside of a building to which only the fire department has keys. Inside this box is a set of keys to the building itself which will allow the fire department access in the event of an emergency.

Lock boxes are available by filling out an application at our Headquarters fire station or the Yarmouth Senior Center. Boxes are re-sold at cost, there may be grant funds available dependent on need.

Click here for Lock Box Application