Work Based Learning / Fire Corps

Several years ago the Fire Department along with Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School became a part of the schools to Careers Internship program. This program is deigned to help 11th and 12th grade students learn first-hand about jobs that they are interested in exploring for their future careers. The Yarmouth Fire Department internship program has become very popular. Several students have gone on to become members of the call department, one has become a paramedic and one former student is a full time member of the Yarmouth Fire Department. This year we have expanded the program and are now a federally registered part of the Fire Corp program. Fire Corp is a component of Citizen Corps under the Department of Homeland Security and is designed to support Fire/EMS departments throughout the country with volunteers. Over the last few years the students have supported public education and outreach through the schools and community groups. Last year the Yarmouth Fire Corp was present at the Yarmouth Seaside Festival and worked with the younger members of the community on “Ready, Aim, Fire”. In addition to learning about becoming Firefighters, the students learn about the importance of community service and responsibility.