2015 Open Space and Recreation Plan

The Town of Yarmouth 2015 Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) provides an outline of specific actions that can be taken by the Town to manage, protect and improve Yarmouth’s natural resources and open space, and provide opportunities for active and passive recreation for Yarmouth’s residents and visitors.

The Plan includes a wide range of information on our community and residents, environmental resources and challenges, open space and natural lands, recreational facilities, and community goals and needs.  This information was used to develop a seven year action plan of specific tasks to be accomplished to meet the community goals related to open space and recreation.

The 2015 update to the OSRP was developed through a planning effort involving several local boards and committees, and a public participation process conducted under the guidance of the Open Space and Recreation Project Team (OSRP Team).  The OSRP Team is comprised of Town Staff from Conservation, Planning, Natural Resources, Community Development, Parks & Recreation and the Public Works Department.  

Initial public input was solicited through an Open Space & Recreation Survey conducted in April of 2015 (see Appendix D of the Plan for a summary of the survey results).  Utilizing this information, a draft update to the plan was developed for public input before gaining approval of the final Plan by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. This approval opens the door for the Town to receive grant funding for related open space and recreation projects.

The OSRP is a dynamic document that needs periodic updating to stay current with the needs and goals of the Town.  The next update will be in 2022.

2015 OSRP Cover
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OSRP Survey results
Click on the image to see the survey results from the 2015 Open Space and Recreation Survey