Private Roads

Almost 40% of the road mileage in Yarmouth is privately owned.

A road is considered to be privately owned if it has not been legally taken at Town Meeting.

Private roads are typically owned by the abutters or the subdivision developer, and the responsibility to maintain private roads lies with the owner(s), not the Town.

If a road is privately owned and funds are available, the Town may make temporary repairs on private ways by: grading gravel roadways; patching, sealing and filling cracks, leveling, pulverizing or by other maintenance methods, damaged pavement and potholes in accordance with good pavement management principles; by installation of drainage structures; and, by the cleaning, repair, and connection of existing structures.

Such repairs shall be made only upon private ways which have been opened to public use for a period of 6 years or more and upon petition of at least 60 percent of the abutters owning property thereon.

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