COVID-19 Update

With the ongoing town hall closure, the Conservation Department has revised its procedures in attempt to balance public safety with the need to provide services to the public. The following practices will be in effect until further notice:

  • Communication with town staff should be made via email. Kelly Grant, Conservation Administrator, can be reached at 
  • Please contact town staff regarding scheduled public hearings.
  • All application materials and building department sign-off forms are available online at:
  • Applications can be received by email and be reviewed to the extent possible for completeness. In the event that file attachments exceed email size limitations, please utilize a file sharing feature such as DropBox or Google Drive to submit your materials electronically.
  • Applicants will be notified electronically when applications are deemed “complete”.
  • Hard copy applications, or (required) hard copies submitted in conjunction with an application submitted by email, may be submitted by mail and will be reviewed when possible. 
  • Hard copies may also be dropped off at town hall in the designated dropbox location outside the entrance next to the side parking lot. Please be advised that hard copies will not be reviewed for three business days following drop off per order of the Board of Health.

The Conservation Division promotes and protects the Town's natural resources and watersheds.  As the municipal focal point for environmental protection the Conservation Division administers  wetlands protection and stormwater regulations and takes part in the planning, acquisition and management of the Town's open space.

The Conservation Administrator provides support, coordination, and professional management for the Conservation Commission in carrying out its mission to protect the community’s natural resources. The Conservation Administrator carries out field inspections, and meets with prospective applicants to advise the best way to proceed with a project under the Wetlands Protection Act and the local wetlands bylaw.

The Conservation Division is also responsible for the management of over 1800 acres of conservation land within the Town and oversees protection measures for endangered species and critical wildlife habitats. The Conservation Division is located on the lower level of the Town Hall, down the stairs, to the right through the door, last office on the left.

​For more information, please contact Kelly Grant, Conservation Administrator, at (508) 398-2231 ext. 1288 or