Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring and Shellfish Harvest Area Standards

Many areas in the town continue to be classified as seasonally approved for the harvest of shellfish by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF).

This status indicates that certain shellfish beds do not meet their water quality standards during the summer season. Shellfishing is prohibited within these areas until the Water quality standard are met.

Water Quality

Water quality monitoring and efforts to improve water quality continues to be a top priority for us; we need to understand the changes in water quality has occurred over a long period of time and will take time to improve. These improvements are imperative to ensure that our stock remains healthy.

Municipal Commitment

We are slowly seeing improvements in our marine water quality and we are grateful of the working relationship and dedication of the other municipal departments that are also committed to improving our water quality.

In cooperation with the Department of Public Works, point discharge sites continue to be prioritized and engineered to reduce the amount of discharge being drained directly into our waters.