Winter Warnings for Pets

Adjusting Pet Care

Just as people make adjustments in their clothing during winter months, it is necessary to make some adjustments in your pet’s care. A good rule to follow is if you’re cold outside, your pet is cold too!

Winter Care Tips

  • Limit time outdoors with your pet if the thermometer reads below freezing, especially for short haired animals.
  • Be sure your dog is licensed and your cat is wearing identification. Winter is a miserable time to be lost.
  • Keeping warm depletes energy. Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors may need additional food.
  • Water should be checked regularly to make sure it is not frozen. To prevent your pet’s tongue from freezing to a metal bowl, use plastic. This includes outdoor rabbits.
  • Antifreeze is deadly to our pets but tastes sweet. Wipe up any spills.
  • All outdoor animals need protection from the elements. Remember the wind chill factor can lower temperatures drastically.
  • Warm automobile engines can be dangerous for cats and small wildlife that are seeking warmth. Try to get in the habit of rapping your car’s hood before you start your engine.