Draft revisions to the Wetlands Protection Regulations can be found here.  The main changes to the regulations relate to performance standards for docks and piers, buffer zone requirements for mitigation and restoration, and performance standards for land subject to coastal storm flowage. Minor procedural changes include reduced requirements for hardcopy applications.

The Conservation Commission held a public hearing on August 19th, 2021 at 5pm in the Town Hall Hearing Room as part of their regular scheduled meeting, to discuss the proposed changes, and receive public comments and questions.  The hearing was extended to the September 2, 2021 meeting to allow for changes to be made before a final vote at the September 2, 2021 meeting. Comments may be submitted to the Conservation Office in advance of that meeting to hhudson@yarmouth.ma.us or kgrant@yarmouth.ma.us.  No public comment will be taken at the meeting.