Fish Reef

Establishment of Fish Reef
Plan and Location
The Division established a fish reef  in 1978:
  • Located 2.2 miles south of the mouth of Bass River
  • LAT. 41 36' 25" and LONG. 70 11' 39"
  • Measures 880 yards by 40 yards
  • Constructed of recycled tires

Reef Expansion
Underwater Photo of Fish In Tire Reef
The reef was added to in 1981, 1995, 1998 and proposed 2010. The tire reef has held substantial fish populations and provided good fishing for recreational and commercial fishing boats for many years.

Diver Conducting a Survey

We hope to add to the reef in the near future as recent surveys done by divers have shown that the tires have become somewhat dispersed.

Barge loaded with rubber tires.