Mattress Recycling

Yarmouth residents are invited to recycle mattresses!  A fee of $25 for all mattresses and box springs still applies. 

Did you know that there are components of a mattress that can be recycled? Through a grant from DEP, the Town of Yarmouth will be sending all acceptable mattresses to a company called ACE Mattress Recycling. There are some limitations to the recycling program to which we want to alert you. Some of the key points are shown below.

All mattresses must be as follows:

  • from Yarmouth residences
  • clean and unsoiled

Mattresses will not be recycled if they are as follows:

  • mangled and twisted in any way
  • have bedbugs
  • have covers of any kind, e.g., sheets, blankets, plastic covers
  • are wet and/or moldy

Mattress Recycling does not include the following:

  • futon mattresses
  • car seats
  • crib mattresses

Disposal Area staff will be happy to send you to the appropriate location to deposit your mattress. If it cannot be recycled, we can direct you to the right spot to drop it off.