COVID-19 CDC Videos and PSAs

In an effort to provide access to the most relevant and up to date health information we have provided access to the Yarmouth Town Seal Imagefollowing CDC public service announcements and health videos. 

Please use the Google Translate option at the bottom of the screen and select your language of choice to translate the page. Utilice la opción Google Translate en la esquina inferior derecha de su pantalla para traducir la página al idioma que elija. Use a opção Google Tradutor no canto inferior direito da tela para traduzir a página para o idioma de sua escolha.

CDC YouTube Logo Opens in new window

Please visit the Official Center for Disease Control (CDC) YouTube page 

to view many more videos like the ones below and access the most current health information regarding COVID-19 with many options to view including multiple language translations including ASL.