Route 6A Village Center Improvements

Updated December 4, 2023


Over the past several years, concerns have been raised about the Route 6A Village Center related primarily to pedestrian safety, driveway turning movements, maximizing safe on-street parking, signage, business deliveries, speed reduction and overall safety.  This stretch along Route 6A near Minden Lane and Gingerbread Lane has many dynamic businesses as well as residential homes in the area.  

The Town continues to work with our consultant Vanasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB) to develop updated concept plans for improvements to the Route 6A Village Center based on input received at a series of public meetings held in 2019 (see Project History below), as well as more recent meetings held with the businesses and residents related to parking.  

These updated concepts will be evaluated and amended based on input from a series of stakeholder meetings with village businesses and residents, Town Departments (Police, Fire, DPW, and Planning), local Committees, the Board of Selectmen and MassDOT.   The first Workshop meeting was held on November 16th with businesses and property owners within the Village Center area to discuss three Initial Concepts outlined in the Workshop Presentation (see links below).  Future meetings will incorporate other stakeholders as we continue to refine the proposal.  Once a preferred alternative is selected, the concept plan will be further enhanced and presented at a public input meeting and an estimate of construction costs will be prepared for the proposed improvements.  Further design, permitting and funding would be required to take the concept plan to construction.

Concurrently, VHB is also working on the design of the watermain replacement project from the Barnstable Town Line to Union Street including crosswalk improvements for safety and handicap accessibility throughout this section of the corridor.   As follow-up to previous comments heard at public outreach meetings, VHB will also be preparing two Memos related to locating utilities underground and outlining the process for the Town to take over the section of State Highway Route 6A through the Village Center.

Project History:  The Town has conducted a number of studies along the Route 6A corridor from Union Street to the Barnstable Town Line, including a 2013 Road Safety Audit and a 2017 Route 6A Corridor Streetscape Study, both conducted by the Cape Cod Commission (CCC) to identify issues and look at ways to improve Route 6A.  The Town subsequently hired consultant VHB to develop visualizations illustrating the recommendations from the 2017 CCC report to help define potential improvement projects for the corridor.  VHB developed Conceptual Designs and images that were presented at three public input meetings held in May 2019 and attended by over 150 people.     

Comments from the 2019 Public Input Meetings were diverse and there was limited consensus regarding any one concept design that was presented, and no clear direction for the project.  Input was sought from the Board of Selectmen (BOS) in December 2019 on how best to proceed.  To facilitate the Selectmen’s review, Town Staff carefully reviewed the comments received at the Public Meetings and prepared an outline of potential Discussion Topics. Where appropriate, specific functional/safety issues along the corridor have been identified along with potential solutions that range from simple to more complex to implement.  All suggestions require funding to implement and allocation of Staff time.  

The BOS was interested in moving forward with both short and long term improvements with an emphasis on public safety, and targeted projects, such as the Village Center, rather than full length corridor improvements.  The Board also encouraged incorporating improvements as part of the upcoming watermain replacement project if possible.  

Although the Town is moving forward with the watermain replacement, improvements to the crosswalks, and further work on the Village Center, some other larger scale projects presented at the 2019 public meetings lacked strong public support and are not being further evaluated at this time.   These include reconfiguration of the Summer Street intersection with relocation of the historic pump; and any new sidewalk segments or making existing sidewalks fully handicapped accessible due to impacts to the rural character, stone walls, trees, and the narrow road layout (40’ in most locations).  


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