Municipal Marinas

Yarmouth-Owned Marinas

# of Slips
Maximum Vessel Length (feet)
Bass Hole on Chase Garden Creek 14
Englewood Beach on Lewis Bay 14
Colonial Acres on Mill Creek 24
Packet Landing on the Bass River Recreational vessels - 17
Commercial fishing vessels - 8
Available on a nightly basis - 1

Mooring Wait List
To be placed on the mooring wait list, a fee of $30 is required. There is a $15 fee for each subsequent year to maintain placement on the list.

Mooring permits are given on a first come, first served basis for vessels that will be able to fit into the vacated area.

Slip Rates

Town-owned marina facility slips are rented through the Division of Natural Resources. Slip prices vary at each location.

Packet Landing offers off-season slip rates for commercial fishing vessels actively engaged in fishing during the off-season (November 15th through April). Commercial off-loading is by permit only to minimize congestion.