Town Permitting

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The Town of Yarmouth is committed to helping our local economy grow and diversify. Yarmouth has seen significant development and economic growth over the past decade, especially in the Route 28 corridor, and stands ready to assist interested investors and existing businesses. 

Community Development Department : The Department of Community Development coordinates activities associated with community housing, conservation, planning, appeals, historic, and the Old Kings Highway Regional Historic District. 

Building Department : Department is responsible for Zoning, Building and Sign Permits, Site Plan Review.

Site Plan Review : Site Plan Review is required for most new businesses and for commercial properties that anticipate a change to the site, structure, or type of use.  

Planning Department : The Planning Division reviews all subdivision plans and refers applicants to the Planning Board as required by the Subdivision Control Laws.

Design Review Committee : Responsible for preparing and submitting relevant comments for all projects reviewed through the Site Plan Review Process located south of Route 6.  

Zoning Board of Appeals : Responsible for reviewing any projects that do not meet the requirements of the Town's Zoning Bylaw.

Conservation Department : Responsible for reviewing any projects within the Conservation division's jurisdiction. 

Health Department : Responsible for public health services and the issuance of various health permits and licenses.

Licensing Department : Assists with properly licensing businesses and special events.

Old King's Highway Historic District Committee : Responsible for reviewing plans for all development projects north of Route 6. 

Town Clerk : Issues licenses and official documents such as Business Certificates

Zoning Bylaw