Bud Carter Conservation Area

The Bud Carter Memorial Trail is located on 300 acres of conservation land bounded by North Dennis Road in the east and West Great Western Road in the west. These trails are considered moderately difficult due to the tough terrain of lose rocks, narrow paths, and side trails that are unmarked and unmaintained. The trail is open to the public for walking, hiking, and mountain biking, so please use caution while visiting. To assist with navigation the main trail has been marked with red trail markers, and loop trails to the north and south have been marked with orange markers.

The conservation area is home to the highest point in Yarmouth, 118 feet above sea level. On clear days, Manomet Point in Plymouth is visible from the sandpit overlook. The trail is situated on the Sandwich Moraine, a significant glacially formed accumulation of unconsolidated glacial debris left over from the last ice age 20,000 years ago. Many large granite rocks dot the landscape and a history of granite mining is evident by the drill holes made for blasting.

The trail was named in memory of Bud Carter who spent many years walking the area and volunteering for various conservation projects. A memorial bench is located approximately 600 feet from the North Dennis Road trailhead, overlooking Reservoir Pond.

​Please be cautious of ticks and poison ivy on the trail, as well as fallen branches and trees. Leashed dogs are welcome on the trails

Bud Carter
Bud map

Downloadable Trail Map

Bud Carter Map

Parking Areas:

Nth Dennis Rd trailhead:
​ Pull-off for 1-2 vehicles at Reservoir Pond, just south of Weir Road.

​W. Gt Western Rd trailhead:
​Pull-off for 1-2 vehicles 0.10 miles west of Deb’s Way, on the right.