Town of Yarmouth Internships

The Town of Yarmouth will be accepting applications for summer internships with the Town Administrator's office and other Town Departments beginning in March. Please check back for application information and dates.  
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Our internships are designed to provide students with an exciting experience working on a variety of projects. Projects are well suited for students who have a background and interest in technology, marketing, public policy, finance, and process improvement.

Some of the specific projects we are looking for this summer and fall include: 

Invasive species management 

  • Develop a public education program to raise awareness of the invasive species problem and reduce the unintentional introduction of invasive species.
  • investigate and monitor areas of known invasive species activity, including areas identified by the general public. Consider training and utilizing volunteer groups, students and property abutters to monitor for invasive species.

Use of conservation areas for passive recreation to prevent degradation and abuse of open space

  • Investigate and document encroachment issues onto conservation lands and into wetland resources.
  • Investigate and document illegal dumping on Conservation and Recreation properties

Identify and preserve land for natural resource protection, drinking water protection, passive recreation, quality of life and aesthetics.

  • Develop a list of properties that contain or would protect: critical plant and wildlife habitats, rare and endangered species, wetland resources and their buffers, wildlife migration corridors, large tracks of undeveloped land, passive recreation opportunities, vista opportunities, adjoining conservation lands, drinking water

Develop educational tools on best management practices

  • Update informational pamphlet outlining best management practices for sensible land management near wetlands and their buffers, including basic lawn care management and practices for reducing nitrogen and phosphorous levels, and promoting use of native vegetation. This pamphlet shall be distributed to the public via the Town website and printed pamphlets located in public places.
About the Program

Project Assignment

​Projects are assigned based on candidates' qualifications and interest. Please indicate in your application if any of the specific projects referenced above interest you. 

Selection Process

Unfortunately we only have a limited numbers of positions to offer, so internships are based on a competitive interview process. Selected applicants will be contacted for an in-person interview.

Who Should Apply

Internships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students in any major, and up to one year post graduation. We will consider high school applicants as well.

Length of Internship

Internships typically last eight weeks and are scheduled to accommodate any school requirements.


We provide direct funding for internships. We also encourage applicants with university or grant funding to apply.

Application Deadline
June 1, 2019

​Please email your cover letter and resume to Chris Dwelley,