Foreclosed Properties

The Town of Yarmouth similar to municipalities throughout the country can use the foreclosure process to try to encourage property owners to pay their taxes.  

The foreclosure process can take 1-2 years or more and is very costly and time consuming for the Town.  The process ensures the property owner has every opportunity to pay their taxes.  The Town and the courts do not want to inappropriately take property away from a property owner.

After a foreclosure, in order to recover unpaid taxes and attorney's fees municipalities typically auction the property.  The hope is to also put the property back on the tax rolls reducing taxes to other property owners.  The proceeds can be used for projects reducing the need for raising additional tax dollars to fund the projects.

Yarmouth has a large number of foreclosed properties that have not yet been auctioned.  Auctions can take place without waiting for Town Meeting so that revenues can be raised immediately to fund the government as intended by the law.

The first option for the Town is to no longer foreclose on properties.

Foreclosed Property List

Map of the Foreclosed Properties

Foreclosures in Progress

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