Why do the Assessors need to come to my home?

The short answer is that per state law, we’re required to make these visits.
Per Mass. General Law Chapter 59, Sect. 39 all municipalities in the Commonwealth are required to assess all real and personal property at "full and fair cash value." To achieve this, the Department of Revenue mandates that each municipality do a full data collection at each of its parcels at least once every ten years. Because of the ten-year repeating cycle, these inspections are referred to as "cyclical inspections."

Assessing office employees may have several reasons to visit your home. Below are few common reasons:
  1. For your home’s cyclical inspection (at least once every ten years)
  2. To inspect any permitted alteration work (every December/January/February)
  3. To verify property sales (quarterly)

If you find that there are errors with the data your property record card, please call us at (508) 398-2231 x 1222 to schedule an appointment for a visit.