Snow & Ice Operations Updates

The Highway Department is committed to providing the public with up to the minute information during winter storm events. Towards that end, we have created two new items to keep the public informed and involved. Here they are:

1. Notify Me: By Clicking Here residents can sign up to be notified, by e-mail or text, of the Highway Department's Operations during storm events.

2. Request Tracker: By Clicking Here residents can submit service requests directly to Highway Supervisors, and can then check the status of those requests online until they've been completed.

To view the Town's Snow and Ice Policy click the link below:



The main functions of the Highway Division are repair and maintenance of our roadway surfaces including:
  • Patching holes in the pavement
  • Berm installation and repair at the edge of the paved roadway
  • Grading gravel roadways
  • Catch basin cleaning and repair
  • Roadside brush and litter cleanup
  • Roadside mowing and trimming
  • Tree trimming and cutting
  • Weed control
  • Sign installation and repair
  • Street sweeping
  • Traffic signal repair and maintenance
  • Special projects
  • Responding to snow and ice conditions throughout the winter

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