Cecelia Siemen Scholarship

Cecelia Siemen Scholarship in the Visual Arts

The South Yarmouth Library Association offers the Cecelia Siemen Scholarship in the Visual Arts annually. The $5000 award is aimed at advancing the study and knowledge of someone who is likely to make future contributions in the visual arts. To be eligible applicants must have completed one academic year at a college or art institute by the end of the school year in which the scholarship is offered. 

Applications are made available in January of each year from the South 

Yarmouth Library or from the website.


include the completed form, transcripts of all course work, three (3) letters of recommendation, your portfolio, and a personal statement.

2019 Winner – Sydney Berkeley – Congratulations


Photograph of the Artist
Sydney Berkeley, of Yarmouth Port, is currently a sophomore at Maine
College of Art (MECA) pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her
work will be on display in Owl Hall at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod
located at 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth from April 14 to May
10, 2020.

Sydney graduated from Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School,
participated in The Art Works Program sponsored by the Cape & Islands Workforce Development Board, and studied oil painting, figure drawing and illustration with various local artists prior to her start at MECA.

Since entering MECA, she has been working in all mediums, learning
more about her personal style, and establishing a preference for her art type. Her portfolio submitted for this award focused on illustration
using brush pen and ink, watercolor and ink and gouache on watercolor paper. Sydney believes the imaginative qualities that can be expressed within an illustration are incredibly plentiful. Her works show that they can be playful and childlike or serious and scientific.
Sydney wrote the following:

“Though I love scientific illustration, plants and horticulture, I also am
passionate about the childlike part of my artistic process. There is no one right way to create art. I want to inspire people with my art and
make them happy. I believe the world could use more happiness.
I am not sure where my passions will take me…I want to find my place
and help others find theirs as part of the artistic community maybe by
utilizing my scientific illustrations to educate or showing others that
there are so many ways to create. Whatever it is that I end up doing I
know that as long as I can bring joy into others’ lives, I will have joy in
mine as well.”
9 small illustrations of mole, snake, and butterfly


2018 Winner – Sander Goldman – Congratulations


Cecilia Siemen scholarship

Sander's work will be on display at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, located at 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, from Tuesday, November 13 to Wednesday, December 19.  A reception will be held in his honor at the Cultural Center on Friday, November 30, from 5-7 p.m.  All are welcome.

Sander Goldman attends the Rhode Island School of Design in the Illustration program. He is a member of the Class of 2019.  Sander grew up in West Brewster with his parents and younger sister, Thea. He attended Sturgis Charter Public School, East Campus, in Hyannis, graduating in 2015. Aside from art, Sander’s interests include music, both singing, and playing sax and guitar. At RISD he is concentrating on digital illustration, comics and animation with a focus on children's media. He has also recently experimented with paper stop-motion animation and is trying to incorporate more traditional materials into his digital work. Sander likes to use technology and animation to infuse life into characters that he creates, in a way that feels emotionally human and fun, always with a sense of humor, energy, and optimism.

Sander wrote the following excerpt about the vision that informs his work:

“I entered RISD with the intention of becoming a storyboard artist for children’s animated television, and my commitment has only gotten stronger as I’ve developed my skills. My childhood on Cape Cod was immeasurably shaped by the stories, characters, and media that surrounded me as I learned about the world. Children’s cartoons and TV create the imaginary worlds that kids want to grow up in, providing role models, teaching moral lessons, and inspiring development, all while supplying entertainment and joy in the formative stages of a person’s life. Used correctly, this makes children’s media an immensely powerful tool for shaping the future. It is my dream to use this tool to create the worlds that the next generation wants to live in, and to build something fun, entertaining and inspiring that encourages social awareness, diversity and emotional maturity for the young people who will become the future. In more specific and practical terms, it is my intention upon graduating to get an entry-level position at any animation studio and work toward getting a job as a storyboard artist or revisionist at any company that creates children's animated TV. Long term I hope to eventually gain creative control over a show and ultimately get to the point of creating my own shows and stories.”

         2017 Winner – Eva Fahey – Congratulations!


                                                eva-fahey-pops-by-the-sea-winner-2012 (2)
Eva's work will be on display at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, located at 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, from Tuesday, November 21 to Sunday, December 17.  A reception will be held in her honor at the Cultural Center on Friday, December 1, from 5-7 p.m.  All are welcome.

Eva Fahey was adopted from China and grew up in Boston and then in Yarmouth Port where she graduated from Sturgis Charter Public High School in 2014. She currently lives in Sunderland, MA and is a member of the class of 2018 pursuing her BFA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Painting and a minor in Art History at UMass Amherst. Through exploring different media, she has come to focus on the interplay between painting, drawing, and printmaking. Within these disciplines, her work aims to combine and connect the formal techniques from each to create composite, mixed-media paintings that intend to create intimacy through detail and scale. Eva's paintings consider the interconnections and entanglements between identity, interpersonal relationships, memories, and dreams. In her upcoming thesis year, she plans to create large-scale mixed media paintings that also employ the use of animation and digital media in surrounding installation work.       
16265297_1498857343458203_8066195480677191904_n (1)


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