Community Development

The Department of Community Development coordinates activities associated with community housing, conservation, planning, appeals, historic, and the Old Kings Highway Regional Historic District. 

In addition to promoting economic opportunities for the residents, the Department manages the Community Preservation Act and Community Development Block Grant programs. 
Grays Beach Boardwalk
The department manages the following divisions and programs:

Staff Directory

Staff are available to assist you during regular office hours. Appointments are recommended.
  1. Karen M. Greene

    Director of Community Development
    Phone: 508-398-2231, Ext. 1278

  1. Dawn-Marie Flett

    Administrative Assistant/CPC Coordinator
    Phone: 508-398-2231, Ext. 1277

  1. Mary Waygan

    Affordable Housing/CDBG Program Coordinator
    Phone: 508-398-2231, Ext. 1275

  1. Kathy Williams

    Town Planner
    Phone: 508-398-2231, Ext. 1276

  1. Brittany DiRienzo

    Conservation Administrator
    Phone: 508-398-2231, Ext. 1288

  1. Lisa Sherman

    Old Kings Highway & Historic Office Administrator
    Phone: 508-398-2231, Ext. 1292

  1. Dolores Fallon

    Zoning Board of Appeals Administrator
    Phone: 508-398-2231, Ext. 1285