Primary and Secondary Education

The Town of Yarmouth is a partner in the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School System, which serves the area's 4,550 primary and secondary school students. Yarmouth has six public schools comprised of:
  • A high school
  • A middle school
  • Four elementary schools

Cape Code Regional Technical High School

The Town of Yarmouth is a partner in the Cape Cod Regional Technical High School located in Harwich, MA.

The Technical School specializes in training students in a wide variety of vocations and provides the necessary skills to perform in today's trade industries.

Students work on community projects, which instills real-world experience and a sense of accomplishment.

The school provides career services and will work with you to place students in full or part-time employment. For more information please call (508) 771-2600

Cape Cod Community College

Cape Cod Community College in neighboring Barnstable Village, is one of the best run two-year colleges in the State. The institution offers:
  • Certificate Programs
  • Continuing Education classes
  • Associate Degrees
  • Bachelors Degree program in Business Administration and Graduate Studies from:
    • Suffolk University
    • University of Massachusetts
    • Western New England College
The Cape Cod Business Resource Center is an excellent place to:
  • Research business plans
  • Locate funding sources
  • Obtain demographic information on Cape Cod

For more information on Cape Cod higher education please call (508) 362-2131.