Beach Sticker Fees

Yarmouth Beach Fees  Online*/ Mail-In/
Phone In**
Daily Parking $20  N/A
Weekends, Holidays $20  N/A
Weekly Sticker $75  N/A
Seasonal (click to purchase online) - How to Video $250  $250
Boat Daily $10  N/A
Boat Seasonal $110  N/A
Resident Sticker (click to purchase online) - How to Video $35  $30

South middle beach requires a resident sticker. No one else is allowed to park there.

Motel passes are good only on weekdays. We do not accept them on weekends or holidays.

Click here for a Mail-In Application

* For help with online purchases call City Hall Systems at: 508-381-5455

** For phone in orders call City Hall Systems at: 508-381-5456


Please click here to review the residency policy if you have questions regarding if you qualify for a residential beach sticker.

Click here to review the beach policy.

Click here to review the beach sticker policy