Age-friendly Community Team

Appointed by:
Staggered with Two Term Limit
Legal basis:
Town Charge approved by BOS, November 8, 2016
Purpose:  To advise the Board of Selectmen on matters pertaining to the Age-Friendly Community framework in keeping with membership in the World Health Organization Network.
 Specific Charges: Charged with creating useful data driven reports and developing plans that increase education, engagement and action that continuously improve upon an Age-Friendly Yarmouth using the WHO framework, an intergenerational Lens and Ageism awareness. The team will serve as an advisory board to the Board of Selectmen and the Director of Senior Service.
 Agenda:  (All to be posted)
 Minutes: (All to be posted)

 Meeting Dates     The first and third Tuesday at 3:30PM to 5:00PM
Three Year Term:  Gerry Bedard, Chris Morin
 Two Year Term:  Sharon Ladley, Kathy McPhee, Dottie Guenther
 One Year Term:  Yvette Robida, Drew Krauss