Planning Division

The Planning Division reviews all subdivision plans and refers applicants to the Planning Board as required by the Subdivision Control Laws.

The division is also responsible for long range planning issues and coordinates the efforts for the Local Comprehensive Plan. Community and economic development issues are handled by the Planning Division.

Planning Board

Planning Board

Planning Documents

Zoning Bylaw
Local Comprehensive Plan
Fee Schedule
Subdivision Rules & Regulations
Yarmouth Architectural and Site Design Standards

Village Centers Overlay District (VCOD)

Village Centers Overlay District

Revitalization Architectural Overlay District (R.O.A.D)

R.O.A.D. Application
R.O.A.D. District Map

Growth Incentive Zone

View information about the Growth Incentive Zone on Route 28.
Growth Incentive Zone


Zoning Map
Map of Existing and Possible Antenna Sites

Scenic Roads Map

Proposed Growth Incentive Zone (GIZ) Map

Yarmouth Land Use Vision Map for the Cape Cod Commission Regional Policy Plan Update

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Cape Cod Commission
Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development