Marine Park Proposal

Marina Activities

The marine park will include the following:
  • A marina basin
  • A boat barn (dry rack storage)
  • A public boat ramp
  • A marine science education center
  • An operations / harbormaster facility
  • A marine waste disposal pump out
  • A fueling facility

Public Amenities

In addition to the marina activities, the park will have public amenities including:
  • A scenic nature trail with overlooks
  • Parking areas for vehicles and boat trailers
  • A community park for passive recreation
  • A tot lot with play structures

About the Marina

The marina wet basin will be created by excavating an upland area and connecting it to Parker’s River. The basin will be excavated to a depth of eight feet below mean low water (MLW) with an access channel to Parker’s River.

The boat slips will be designed to handle 26 boats up to 20-foot and 72 vessels up to 30-foot. There will be a 35-foot by 70-foot public boat ramp.

The marina will serve primarily recreational boaters, but will also include a small number of commercial fishing vessels. No major boat repairs or servicing will be conducted on the premises. General services will include a boat septic pump-out and rack to water launching.

Maintenance dredging will be done annually to ensure safe navigation at the mouth of Parker’s River.

The Harbormaster

A harbormaster’s office will be provided on site to oversee operations on the land side and within the adjacent waterfront areas as well as the Town of Yarmouth’s surrounding waterways.

A permanent Harbormaster boat station will be established at the facility that will monitor boating activities and respond to incidents along the Parker’s River and the surrounding areas.

Locating the Harbormaster boat station at the marina will significantly reduce response time and improve public safety.

Marine Science Education Center

The development plan will include a 40-foot by 80-foot, two-story Marine Science Education Center (MSEC). It will incorporate the ongoing aquaculture program on site and a variety of other marine ecosystem-related programs. The MSEC will benefit the public, educational institutions, and the shellfish industry.