Shellfish Management & Propagation


The purpose of the Shellfish section of the Division is to monitor, protect and preserve the Town of Yarmouth's Shellfish habitats and populations by fostering a healthy, viable and sustainable ecosystem where all legally applicable persons may ethically engage in shellfishing and aquaculture activities. 

We strive to sustain the local shellfishery through various methods of propagation, water quality testing, and area management. 

The Town of Yarmouth shellfish rules and regulations are consistent and compliant with the requirements of the State of Massachusetts Regulations 322 and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. The Town of Yarmouth Shellfish Constable and Board of Selectmen reserve the right to restrict the taking of shellfish by Recreational or Commercial Permit Holders in any area, at any time, for the sole purpose of managing the fishery.

Heart Oyster Picture