Mill Creek

Everything You Need to Know about Wastewater

Yarmouth is a beautiful place to live, visit and play! We’re surrounded by oceans, rivers, and ponds. To save this precious place where we live, we need a wastewater plan. Article 18 will allow the Town to construct Phase One of the Town’s sewer project, which includes pipe installation and building the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Why do we need a Wastewater Plan?

  • The lack of an effective wastewater infrastructure and 722% increase in population between 1951–2010 has led to environmental deterioration due to nitrogen pollution.
  • Nitrogen pollution is primarily caused by a reliance on septic systems to handle our waste.
  • The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) will require property owners in nitrogen sensitive areas (most of Cape Cod) to upgrade even new and functioning Title 5 septic systems to extremely costly Innovative/Alternative (I/A) systems (also known as nitrogen removal systems).
  • Towns may obtain a Watershed Permit from MassDEP to avoid residents having to upgrade their septic systems.
  • Yarmouth’s wastewater project is MassDEP’s #1 ranked project for statewide funding!

A YES vote on Article 18 will:

  • Help save and restore our precious environment for future generations.
  • Save property owners from costly I/A systems.
  • Revitalize the Route 28 corridor and maintain economic viability for Yarmouth.
  • Position Yarmouth for the future.