Callery Darling Conservation Area

The Callery Darling Conservation Area is located to the north of Route 6A in Yarmouth Port, stretching from Homers Dock Road on the east, to the salt marshes west of Center Street. Parking is available at several locations providing easy access to various points along the trail system.

The Callery Darling Conservation Area delights visitors with its beautiful views and ecological diversity. The combination of salt and fresh water wetlands encourages a large variety of plant and animal species along the trails, and transitioning plant communities leave hints of the historical uses of the land. Soils are rich and deep with organics, indicating an aggressive farming history. Abandoned cranberry bogs now support large red maple swamps. Ancient salt water bogs are also present with the original dikes still intact, and mature pine and oak forests disguise large areas of historic sand mining for the bogs. The marshes and bogs support numerous bird, mammal, amphibian and reptile habitats. The salt marshes also play a crucial role in the overall food chain, providing a nursery for microscopic plants and animals.​​

The Bass Hole Boardwalk is one of the most popular attractions in the area. The 800 foot boardwalk offers a unique prospective of salt marshes. The boardwalk crosses small creeks and panes and contains a sitting area at the seaward end. A fall sunset at the boardwalk after a full trail walk is the perfect ending to any day.

​Leashed dogs are welcome on the trails any time of year and on the beach between September 15 and March 15. Dogs are prohibited from the boardwalk year round.

bass hole
Callery Dallery location

Downloadable Trail Map

Callery Darling Map

Parking Areas:
​86 Alms House Road: Small dirt lot for up to 4 vehicles.

​Grays Beach (400 Center Street): Trailhead behind the playground & pavilion.

​Homers Dock Road: Pull off for 1-2 vehicles opposite Lookout Road.
​Kingsbury Way (off Homestead Lane): Limited parking at trail head