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Vineyard Wind has leased a 160,000 acre area south of Martha's Vineyard and proposes an offshore wind project consisting of an array of wind turbines, that are each capable of generating over 8 MW of power. Power from the turbines would be collected by an offshore substation, and submarine cables are proposed to be installed along a route from the project site to a landing point on shore, buried up to six feet below the sea floor. 

The project underwent a significant public input and permitting process that included federal state and local permitting, as well as the development of a Community Host Agreement with the Town of Barnstable.​ After receiving public input in opposition of Yarmouth potentially hosting the project, Covell's Beach in Barnstable was selected as the landing site for the underground cables.

Please note that the links contained in this page are public information and are made available here as a resource to the public. The presence of this website and information contained within does not represent an endorsement of the project by the Town of Yarmouth.​​​​

Vineyard Wind Project Special Waterways License (March 2020)

Army Corps of Engineers
​​Town of Yarmouth DEIS Comment Letter​​
Division of Fisheries and Wildlife FEIR Comment Letter
Aquaculturists FEIR Comment Letter
Warren FEIR Comment Letter
Greeley FEIR Comment Letter​​​​​​​Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) documents:
Vineyard Wind Exhibit List (Final)
Vineyard Wind Final TD to Board and Parties 4.26.19
Summary of Final Comments of Robert Berry 4.26.19
Supplemental Filings by Vineyard Wind
Supplemental IR Responses of Vineyard Wind
Reply Brief of Vineyard Wind
Reply Brief of the Town of Yarmouth
Final Comments of Robert Berry
​Initial Brief of Vineyard Wind
Initial Brief of the Town of Yarmouth
Written Comments of Limited Participants
Written Comments of Robert Berry
Written Comments of NSTAR
Request from Lewis Bay Aquaculturists
Determination on Initial Petition for Certificate of Environmental Protection and Public Interest
Application for Initial Petition for Certificate of Environmental Protection and Public Interest
Vineyard Wind submission to EFSB related to MassDEP Superseeding Order of Conditions​
​​MEPA Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Review (SDEIR) (public comment period open until October 5, 2018)
Aquaculturists Comments on SDEIR​​
Certificate on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (Request for Supplemental DEIR)​​​​​​​Comments on the MEPA Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR):
​Town of Yarmouth DEIR Comment Letter
APCC Comments on Vineyard Wind Connector
CZM Comments on Vineyard Wind DEIR
Paul Cove Comments on Vineyard Wind
2015​ Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan​​
Comments to Vineyard Wind Draft Environmental Impact Report due June 8, 2018​​
Draft Environmental Impact Report (hard copies are available at Town Hall for review)​ BOEM NOI comment letters:​
Division of Marine Fisheries​​​​​​Public Comments:
​​Public comments from January 23, 2018 to May 2, 2018

Energy Facilities Siting Board Full Public Notice of Hearing​(part of the State level review)

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management - Vineyard Wind web page​(including upcoming BOEM Meeting dates)​​
Update to Yarmouth Board of Selectmen, March 27, 2018
Vineyard Wind website
Environmental Notification Form (ENF)
ENF Certificate ​​ ​​​​​​ENF comment letters:
Town of Yarmouth Board of Selectman
Association to Preserve Cape Cod
Division of Marine Fisheries
Cape Cod Commission
Office of Coastal Zone Management
Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
West Yarmouth neighborhood associations​​​
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