Financial Transparency

Welcome to the Town of Yarmouth’s Budget Site

This site is a resource to access and view information related to the Town’s budget. Here you will find annual budget reports as well as our Open Budget application that offers a user-friendly, dynamic view of the Town’s budget, expenditures, and employee earnings.

Annual Budget Reports

The Town’s budget reports are released annually in May after Town Meeting. These documents contain the Board of Selectmen’s goals for the fiscal year, a budget schedule, the Town’s budget presentation, and a detailed view of each Town Departments’ mission and budget.  

 FY ’17 Annual Budget Document
 FY '16 Annual Budget Document
 FY '15 Annual Budget Document

Open Budget

The Town’s Open Budget application includes three financial datasets: budget, transactions, and employee earnings. The application provides users with a dynamic visual representation of each category, and offers the ability to explore various levels of Town finances to better understand where dollars are being spent. We will continue to improve the site, so check back often for updates.

  • Budget – Is a visual representation of the Town’s revenue and expenditure history over time. Users can drill into each area to understand sources of revenue and the Town’s major expenditure categories.
  • Transactions – Provides financial transparency into the Town’s expenditure information for the current and prior fiscal years. Users can search details of spending by department and vendor. Please click here for an explanation of the data categories available.
  • Employee Earnings – This dataset contains employee names, job details, and earnings information including base salary, overtime, and total compensation. Data is updated annually.

Click the image below to access Yarmouth's Open Budget: