Riverwalk Park and Boardwalk

Updated March 9, 2022

PROJECT BACKGROUND:  The Town has spent many years evaluating public uses for the 22 acre town-owned former drive-in property at 669 Route 28, which was originally purchased in 1985 for recreational purposes.  Although plans for the site had originally included a public/private marina, concerns about financial viability led the Board of Selectmen to form the Drive-In Site Utilization Committee (DISUC) in 2015 to investigate other uses for the property. 

The DISUC underwent a multi-year investigative process including a detailed Feasibility and Concept Design Study for a Riverwalk Park along the Parkers River, a raised Boardwalk and an Event Space for periodic events.  A robust public participation process was included in the study to garner stakeholder input.  Various modifications and compromises were made to the design concepts to help mitigate concerns and issues identified through this process, the most notable being a looped Boardwalk rather than one that went over the marsh to Seagull Beach.  Additional information on the process, final recommendations and project costs can be found in the Riverwalk Park and Boardwalk Feasibility/Concept Design Study Report, dated August 2018, available at the Links below.

CURRENT STATUS:  With the support of the Board of Selectmen, Town Staff and the DISUC Committee are moving forward with the Riverwalk Park, looped Boardwalk and Event Space.  In July 2022, consultant BETA was engaged to further develop the design concepts into construction documents and obtain the necessary permitting for the project. 

Riverwalk Park project.Riverwalk Park:   The Riverwalk Park continues to be refined to create a variety of amenities including parking, pathways, restrooms, landscaping with native vegetation, lawn area with shade structure, various seating options, interactive natural playscape area, kayak launch, interpretive signage, space for artist shanties and public art, and a large special event area.  The park is also being designed to accommodate a future wastewater pump station as part of the Town’s clean water initiative.

Event Space:  The Event Space is envisioned to draw people periodically to Yarmouth for a variety of special events sponsored by different organizations and may include outdoor movies, themed festivals, carnivals, craft fairs, car or boat shows, and family oriented live performances and/or concerts.  BETA is working on developing plans for site improvements to support these events such as new utilities (electrical service and power stations, water service, perimeter site lighting, and Wi-Fi); grading and greening of the site; locations for temporary event parking, porta-johns, and food vendors; and optimizing the location for a temporary stage.  A sound study was completed by acoustic consultant Reuter Associates in July of 2021 to evaluate the best location and orientation for a temporary stage for amplified events that would minimize sound impacts to abutting neighborhoods.  Through this analysis, it was recommended to orient the stage towards Route 28 at 10 degrees magnetic north.

Although the site was heavily utilized for events during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic to help our struggling businesses and local economy, this was a temporary situation and not the long term vision for the site.  The intent is to balance periodic use of the event space with the needs of the community and surrounding neighborhoods. 

Boardwalk layout at Riverwalk parkBoardwalk: Significant work has been done to refine the layout and design of the Boardwalk located south of the Riverwalk Park to protect the natural resources and take into consideration proximity to abutting residences.  The Boardwalk design incorporates a 6’ wide boardwalk with a number of overlooks, seating areas and interpretive signage.  The DISUC is currently working with BETA to evaluate railing and decking materials, bridge designs, and various boardwalk support systems taking into consideration construction and maintenance costs, longevity and resource impacts.

:  Significant progress has been made in securing funding sources for the proposed $7.7 million project as outlined below, with approximately $1.6 million need in additional funding for the project.

·   Community Preservation Act (CPA):  CPA funds totally $3.7 million have been allocated through town meeting appropriations in 2019 and 2021 for design/permitting and construction of the Riverwalk Park and Boardwalk.

·   Tourism Revenue Preservation Funds (TRPFs):  The Community & Economic Development Committee (CEDC) has allocated approximately $105,000 in TRPF funds to support the sound study and the design/permitting for the Event Space.

·   Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant (LWCF) Program:  The CPA funds were used to leverage a LWCF grant for $954,000 towards design/permitting and construction of the Riverwalk Park.

·   Seaport Economic Council Innovation Grant:  The $1.0 million Seaport grant was awarded for construction of the Riverwalk Park and Boardwalk.

·   Reallocated Funds:  Approximately $128,000 in reallocated funds from previous unspent articles have been re-directed through town meeting towards the project.

·   Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR):  A DCR grant of $200,000 has been given to the town for creation of the Riverwalk Park.



Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Materials for the latest Drive-In Site Utilization Committee (DISUC) meetings are available at: https://www.yarmouth.ma.us/agendacenter


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