Mission Statement and Messages from Kathi Bailey

mission statement
The mission of the Town of Yarmouth's Division of Senior Services is to foster an Age-Friendly community that enhances the quality of life for the Town's older adults (60+) and their families by providing programs and services in a supportive and accessible environment that contributes to vital aging through mental, physical, and financial wellness

Messages from the Director of Seniors Services
Kathi Bailey, MA

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The Luck of the Irish!
We have some great events for you at the Yarmouth Senior Center
in March.
• Party with us at our annual Saint Patrick’s Day luncheon! We can sing in the Spring with our Irish eyes smiling and our bellies full of corn beef and cabbage.
• Discover the “as is” and “could be” pathways to housing at our
Age-Friendly Yarmouth Housing Forum. Contribute to your own
knowledge and needs of the community.
• Join our monthly Conversation with Kathi to share thoughts about a variety of agerelated topics beginning with Human Rights for Older Persons initiative, underway with workgroups on Aging.
• Reflect on Women’s History - Women socialists and trade unions held an earlier Women's Day on the last Sunday in February, 1908, followed by the International Women's Day, was held March 19, 1911. The focus was and still is upon women workers, and advancing women's rights in the workforce, politics and society.
Follow the efforts of our Intergenerational Model UN Pilot on April 8th where we will focus our Older Persons and Youth ambassador teams on the topic of Aging around the World!
Sincerely yours, Kathi

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Our days are slightly longer now, and hopefully the winter
has been mild! Age-Friendly Yarmouth has taken a stand against Elder Abuse and
will once again celebrate with Women around the World as part of the ONE BILLION
Rising movement. Our friends from the Cape Cod Elder Abuse Coalition are working
with us to intentionally connect this day with other abuse events throughout the
lifespan on Cape Cod in 2017.
Please join us on February 24th @ 1:30 PM as we take part in a “Movement Choir.”
This artistic expression of dance and song will be led by Bruce Frankel, author of
“What Should I Do With The Rest Of My Life?” and will be followed by light
refreshments. It’s a great time to light up the Winter through experiential learning
while taking our stand against abuse in the Yarmouth way. Everyone is invited to
attend! No experience required – just an open mind, desire to move and sing, and the
will to fulfill a purposeful life. It will be our Valentine to our Community here and
around the World.
And for those of you wondering about the December 14, 2016 Age-Friendly Yarmouth
presentation on our Intergenerational Model UN to the United Nations, you must
know that the UN Working Group on Aging is working tirelessly on Human Rights for
Older Persons. In a nutshell, civil society around the World is looking for protection
against discrimination and abuse while supporting independence of Older Persons.
And while agreement on the best instrument for a global agreement is still underway,
the idea that Human Rights for Older Persons is important was expressed by all
Sincerely yours, Kathi

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