Mission Statement and Messages from Kathi Bailey

mission statement
The mission of the Town of Yarmouth's Division of Senior Services is to foster an Age-Friendly community that enhances the quality of life for the Town's older adults (60+) and their families by providing programs and services in a supportive and accessible environment that contributes to vital aging through mental, physical, and financial wellness

Messages from the Director of Seniors Services
Kathi Bailey, MA Director of Services

happy mothers day
What does the word "collaboration" have to do with Memorial and Mother's Day in May? Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in our Armed Forces. Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family and the influence of mothers in society.  Both days offer us an opportunity to explore the importance of how we protect, serve and affect each other.  Collaboration is the process of two or more people or organizations working together to realize or achieve something successfully.  Teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources. 

As the wife of a Marine, I'm leading you to the term "Gung-ho" The two Chinese characters "gong" and "he" means respectively "work" and "together". The term was picked up by the United States Marine Corps. Major Evans Carlson explained in a 1943 interview; "I was trying to build up the same sort of working spirit I had seen in China where all the soldiers dedicated themselves to one idea and worked together to put that idea over.  I told the boys about it again and again.  I told them of the motto of the Chinese Cooperatives Gung Ho. It mean Work Together-Work in Harmony."

One can see change and it is apparent that Yarmouth has embraced the spirit of "Gung-ho." We are engaging, expanding understanding and acting in Age-Friendly Yarmouth. We are building intergenerational experiences and interdepartmental efforts in new and Intergenerational Model UN with our high school, Bike Path programs with recreation volunteers, Chronic Pain Self Management, Tai Chi and Walking programs with our Board of Health & VNA along with Golf for all Ages and so many others found throughout town. 

WE are grateful to our Mothers, the Marines and those who died serving in all branches of the Armed Forces for teaching us how to work together!


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Here comes Peter Cottontail…
It sure is nice to see the daffodils again and the very cold days becoming a memory. Our
annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon will be held on 4/21/17. The volunteer power in
our Older Persons’ population is amazing. Volunteers are the glue that binds our
community together. They can be found raising money for special causes, delivering
meals to homebound elders, reading to children, serving on boards and committees, doing
office work and chores, connecting past talents and resources to new solutions.
Our older persons and DY high school students will be mixing it up again by taking a field
trip to Boston as part two of our Intergenerational Model UN at the Edward M. Kennedy
Center on 4/8/17. This time our topic is Aging Public Policy. What are the special
circumstances of aging women around the world? Is there access to affordable health
care for women and men as they age? What is being done about the financial security of
our aging men and women? Yarmouth’s contribution to the positive and purposeful
aging process is much valued as evidenced by interest in this project at the United
Nations. We will be joined by our friends from Age-Friendly Boston, University Students,
and other special guests, along with using technology to bring in Aging experts from
around the world to add valuable knowledge to the content of that day.
We are building Bridges in our elementary schools and future leaders in our high school
youth. It seems that Yarmouth has found the Fountain of Youth. And while budget battles
continue and the challenge of how to best allocate resources exists as a reality, innovation
and kindness prevails in this very special Town.
As the Chamber of Commerce says…Yarmouth is “within reach” and our Age-Friendly
continuous improvement efforts fit into that theme beautifully. We are within reach for the
whole world to come and enjoy for a day or a lifetime.
Happy Patriots Day! Kathi