EPAY OF Tax & Water PaymentS

Online Bill Pay
The Town of Yarmouth offers property owners the ability to pay bills online. The electronic bill payment service allows Bill Payers an easy, secure and online method to pay bills.  The services is provided by City Hall Systems (CHS).  CHS allows Yarmouth residents to electronically access and pay their Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle Excise and Water Bills.

Having difficulty using the online payment center, please contact CHS at using:
508-381-5455 Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM ET or e-mailing using
For questions regarding the amount of your bill, contact the Town Offices at (508) 398-2231 .

ACH / EFT transfer (electronic check) from your checking or savings account is Free. For credit or debit card payments, a fee of 2.95% with a minimum of $1.00 applies.
Online Bill Pay