How will the Assessors do this?

Since the overall goal is to get 18,000+ parcels visited within a specific time frame and we can't dedicate full-time resources exclusively to inspections, we've chosen a different tactic.

We've divided Yarmouth into eight residential geographic zones, totaling just shy of 16,000 homes, condominiums and vacant land lots. Each zone contains roughly the same number of parcels. Our goal will be to complete all of the inspections in a minimum of one zone per calendar year for eight years. The ninth year will be dedicated to inspections for all of our commercial and industrial properties. If all goes according to plan, we will have completed a visit to each property in town well within the mandated nine year time span without having to hire outside contractors. The cycle will then begin again after we complete the ninth year.

Click here to see the map we’ve created that shows the zones as we’ve laid them out.

Please note that while our goal is to complete one zone per year, we may elect to begin work in another zone if we have the time available and favorable weather conditions to do the work in. The quicker we can get this cycle completed, the more savings the Town will realize.