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Website: Yarmouth Age-Friendly Site

Vision Statement
The town of Yarmouth is an Age-Friendly Community that
provides and maximizes opportunities for health, participation, and security for all
residents of Yarmouth. The Town supports active aging in an enabling community that
maintains quality of life and well-being for everyone.

Mission of Age-Friendly Community Team
Using a lifespan viewpoint, which is a “cradle to grave” approach, for identifying
and developing services and resources that focus on empowerment and selfdetermination,
the team will work to promote and facilitate inter-generational involvement
in a Town that is friendly and welcoming to people of all ages.

Eight Categories of an Age-Friendly Community
Outdoor Spaces & Buildings*Social Participation*Transportation*Housing*Respect & Social
Inclusion*Communication & Information * Civic Participation & Employment* Community Support & Health

With gratitude for TUFTS HEALTH PLAN FOUNDATION and our civic-minded team that has continued to work as volunteers at no cost to the Town of Yarmouth!

1) Disability Commission, aka ADA Committee, recommendations are being made by the Age-Friendly Community team to the Board of Selectmen. Our Age-Friendly Findings report revealed that we could improve our inclusive approach by insuring consultation with a fully functional ADA committee. The Yarmouth Disability Commission has been inactive for over five years. Please contact Kathi if you would like to review this opportunity with the Age-Friendly Community team.

2) We are hosting a Housing Forum on March 30, 2017 at the Yarmouth Senior Center from 1-5pm. The purpose of the Housing Forum will be to inform local seniors and younger residents, housing and service providers, and policy leaders both about making the best use of what is and also about feasible options for expanding housing availability, affordability, security and accessibility. The focus should be on accommodating the needs of those who live here while also contributing to the health and growth of our economy. This Housing Forum is about the use of physical buildings and space. Our team has worked very closely with our friends in the Town of Yarmouth Community Development Department: Karen Greene, Director of Community Development and Mary Waygan, Affordable Housing/CDBG Program Coordinator. We are confident that the Town of Yarmouth is in great hands with the amazing Women working in Community Development.

3) We will be hosting our second session of our Intergenerational Model UN Pilot on April 8, 2017. This time we have chosen the topic of AGING, and our goal is to take our Yarmouth Older Persons/DY High School student teams on the road as an intergenerational field trip to utilize the Edward M. Kennedy facilities and technology capacity. Our audience will be Age-Friendly Boston folks and University students from the Boston area. This very exciting project was reported to the United Nations Working Group on Aging in December 2016. Countries around the world are busy working on the Human Rights for Older Persons. Intergenerational Solidarity is a mechanism to achieve a lifespan view. Yarmouth has led the way by creating a pathway to Intergenerational Solidarity in our “fast track” curriculum, a global-to-local civics learning experience. You
can view the UN presentation at : http://webtv.un.org/search/intergenerational-model-un-a-pathway-to-agefriendly-community-development/5248420851001?term=intergenerational

Call Kathi if you would like to be on that bus to Boston!

Our partners include the United Nations Boston and Dennis Yarmouth High School. Sponsors welcome!

Age-Friendly Community Team Update meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday every month @3:30 at Yarmouth Senior Center. All Welcome!
Web Site: http://yarmouthseniorc.wix.com/age-friendlyyarmouth


Kathleen Bailey's Presentation to the United Nations

Intergenerational Model United Nations
DY High School Students will partner with Yarmouth Seniors once again as Ambassadors of Nations around the World. This time, the topic is Aging. The goal is to discover Aging public policy together through the eyes of people from other countries and generations.
How do we care for the pension and health-care needs of aging members of society?
What is in common? What is missing? Why? What other issues emerge? It will be a field trip by bus to Edward M. Kennedy Center in Boston on Saturday, April 8, 2017. If you are interested in participating, supporting or discovering more about this program, please contact Kathi Bailey @ 508-394-7606 ext 1332.

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Intergenerational Program

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