Cemetery Division


The Cemetery Division is responsible for the care and maintenance of seven Town-owned cemeteries. 
    Beginning February 1st 2019 all Holiday and Christmas decorations will be removed from the cemetery's 
The Cemetery Division records all deed information for all burials and cremations in the Town-owned cemeteries. Lots are currently available for sale to Yarmouth Town Residents at the Administrative Office of the Recreation and Cemetery Division.

Additional opportunities to create permanent remembrances is through out Pathway marker program and placed in our memorial garden as well as through our Perpetual tree canopy program. Contact the Cemetery office for more information. 

Yarmouth follows a strict set of rules for ornamentation's at grave sites.
Please contact the office before placing momentos.

If you have any questions regarding the purchasing of a lot or want assistance for a future burial please call the Cemetery Division at 508-398-2231 ext 1520 or email cemetery@yarmouth.ma.us